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East Bay Tenants Sue Landlord Over Bed Bugs

Posted by Spencer Brown on

Residents at an apartment in Concord are suing their landlord because they say they say their bed-bug infestation has gotten out of hand.

They filed a habitability lawsuit against the landlord at the 48-unit Rosemont Apartments on Monument Boulevard.

The tenants say the bed bugs have gotten so bad they are covered in bites.

One resident showed NBC Bay Area marks on the ceiling that she says are bed-bug nests and waste. She says she has to cover her mattress in plastic just to keep the bed bugs from spreading.

Tenants say there are plumbing and mold problems, too.

The apartment manager said he brings in a company every week to spray, but it is difficult to keep up with.

“At nighttime, we cannot sleep,” tenant Carmen LaRosa said, “because we get bitten by animals. I’ve got marks all over my body. We got cockroaches, we got rats, and we had talked to the manager and they don’t pay attention to us.”

“It is a lawsuit for habitability, defective conditions, nuisance, and the conditions that my clients are suffering through,” said attorney Steven McDonald.

Tenants are working with a renter’s rights group called Tenants Together. They held up a bag of bugs they saw were collected from the units.

NBC Bay Area tried to contact the owners named in the suit but has not heard back.

The apartment manager said he brings in a company to spray three to six units a week. He said he paints and changes out the carpet. He said that he believes the bed-bug problems extend to many apartment complexes in the neighborhood.

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