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Using Bedbugs to Get a Love Seat

Posted by Spencer Brown on


Using Bedbugs to Get a Love Seat

Dear Diary:

Coming out of my brownstone in Greenwich Village with my family, we passed a couch and a matching love seat on the sidewalk. Both pieces had big, taped-on signs that read “BEDBUGS: KEEP OFF!” in bold crimson letters. Naturally, we steered clear of the furniture and made our way to a restaurant a few blocks away.

After we finished eating, my family and I took a leisurely stroll back home. As we reached the spot where we had first come upon the bedbug-ridden furniture, we saw three college-age guys trying to balance the couches on skateboards!

“Stop!” My dad yelled. “Didn’t you see the signs? There are bedbugs on those!”

A guy with red hair and a curly beard steadying one side of the couch said: “Yeah, we know. We just put those signs there so no one would take these.”



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