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Office Chair Storage Bag. 3 Mil-Heavy Duty, Professional Grade Plastic Award Wining Product.

Eco Mattress Bags

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Office Chair Storage Bag Designed for: Storage, Moving, Remodeling or Fumigation. Dimension are 60 inches Tall by 48 inches wide and 48 inches deep. Crafted with 3.0 Mil-thick, heavy duty, professional grade recycled plastics. Each order comes with 2 options to seal your bag: velcro dots and reusable sealing tape. Furniture Storage Bags come with a 5 year protection guarantee and is the toughest professional storage bag made in America. Protect your furniture from mold, mildew, water stains, dust, debris, grime, stains, small bug infestations, moths, silverfish, termites and spiders. Award winning green product design and proudly crafted in California, USA from recycled plastics and a ton of Eco-love!

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