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We've been recycling trash for almost a decade now and if there's a will, there's a way. We've figured out how to turn faded and dated hotel drapes into duffle bags for moving, aluminum soda pop cans into vertical moving dollies and recently we've been Knee-Deep into recycling tossed plastic pallet wrap into the First Eco-Friendly Mattress Bed Bug Bag in America.

It's a revolutionary product that's made from 2.2 Mil, Professional Grade, Heavy Duty Plastic; design specifically to protect your mattress from Bed Bugs, Mites and Small Insect infestations when you're packing, moving, storing and transporting your mattress. For less than 1% of the cost of most mattresses, you don't have to worry,"We've Got You Covered"!

From our beginning, we have always had one singular vision: To be the "Largest Zero-Waste Packing and Moving Products Company in the World". Our first product was The Recopack and is still the cornerstone of the company and has revolutionized the entire moving industry. When we first started renting green boxes, everyone said it would never work. I felt that America should have an Eco-friendly moving alternative rather than using cheap or used cardboard boxes, just to throw them away in a landfill after one maybe two uses.

Over the years, we have come up with some very innovate and practical Eco-Friendly Packing and Moving Products made from various post consumer and industrial waste streams. Each year, we tackle new hard to recycle waste streams to design, develop, craft and then bring to market over 40 Zero-Waste Packing and Moving Products for America.

We're located in Southern California in the city of Huntington Beach, California. We have our main design offices in a famous industrial park that houses Quicksilver Clothing and Creative Teacher's Press which are both global companies. It's a great place to live and work and change the way America Packs and Moves.

We want to thank each and everyone of you for your constant and continued support of our American Made, Eco-Friendly Packing and Moving Products. Without your support, we wouldn't have been able to make all these products and what's more important is that together, we're making an immediate impact on our economy, ecology and environment!

Go Green!
Spencer Brown, Founder and Chief Tree Hugger

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