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Affiliate Programs

Welcome to our Affiliate Marketing Program for Eco Mattress Bags!

We offer one the most popular Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Prevention Products in America. With a national marketing program featuring multiple online initiatives, social media viral programs and your affiliation partnership, we will deliver million of Eco Mattress Bags across America and stop these Bed Bugs in their tracks!


Our Earning Program and Revenue Highlights for Affiliates:

  • 15% Commission on Each Order
  • Average Sale is $22.50 and pays $3.37 per order
  • Two-Tier 10% with a $2.00 Affiliate Bounty
  • #1 Affiliate in Gross Sales Gets a $250.00 Bonus

Our National Marketing Support Program:

  • Custom PDF Fliers to help promote
  • Custom Web Widgets in 20 sizes
  • Creative Press Releases and Marketing Support Materials
If you want to learn more about our Affiliate Marketing Programs, please e-mail at: