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Great for mattress storage
"After a move, we needed to store a full mattress. This mattress bag is durable, easy to slip on and did a great job!"

Amazing product!
"Great Product and so much cheaper than the ones I saw at the store. I love the recycled plastic and eco friendly version of this Bed Bug Bag. Instructions were clear and simple. Took me about ten minutes to protect my mattress. Go Green!!"

What a great product!!
"We were helping my sister move, and were very concerned about protecting her mattress. This mattress bag was perfect. The price was good, it shipped fast, and it was surprisingly easy to put on. The plastic is super tough, and we had no rips or tears. She decided to keep the bag on indefinitely to protect her against any possible bed bug infestation we keep hearing about in the news. I also like that it is made in the USA from recycled plastic. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone moving or wanting to just protect their mattress from yucky bed bugs!"

Great product, even better customer service
"After a lot of research looking for a sturdy but biodegradable storage option for a mattress I found this solution from Zero Waste. The bags were just as durable as promised and well designed. When I had to make a return of extra product, Zero Waste offered exceptional customer service. It's rare to find a company that treats customers (and the earth) so well!"

"If I could have chosen more than 5 stars I would have!!! The product is locally made, IN the US! The product itself is everything it claims to be. I was able to wrap and move my Cal King mattress with absolutely no problems whatsoever! The service from the company, Zero Waste Moving Supplies, is fantastic and go above and beyond to make sure that I was taken care of.
Also the product has a variety of other uses that the pamphlet inside the package shows you. I will use these again in the future not only for moving but for drop clothes for painting and for any of my son's MANY art projects!
What a great product, and you can not beat the price!"

Quality product, environmentally responsible, AND CUTE!!
"GREAT buying experience, quality of product exceeded expectations, needed it for a college move, 2 CUTE to be placed in recycling.... it's going to be repurposed for awhile!!"

Mattress Cover
"My son needed a protective cover to store his mattress and box spring for a year while he continues his college studies in another state. This was the perfect purchase. I'll give it a 5."

Buy These! Sleep And Peace Of Mind Are Priceless!
"I have a very good friend who offered me a guest room while I finish up my escrow and relax after a very crazy year. She needed the help, me too. Good to be out in the country, recharge, all that. First 3 nights were bliss. Then the itching began. I figured with so much livestock around and my friends herd of cats, we had flea troubles.i bought every flea product they had, cleaned the house top to bottom. Everything was fine until I saw a very fast red bug run down my arm. I smashed it and it left a streak of blood. I showed my friend and she told me she had been dealing with bedbugs! I flipped out. I never dealt with this. I panicked, made her feel bad. I came in to my room and saw 2 small ones on my bedding. I got it together, hit google. Got informed, its just a bug and I'm way smarter, little more well off, love my friend and got into kill mode. First thing I did was hit Amazon to find the powder, 2 sided tape and bed bags. I came across this product and after reading the reviews I stopped looking at the others and bought them. They paid for themselves the first night! They are strurdy, easy to put on. The shipping was incredibly fast. This company cares. I will be buying more. We are getting amazimg results and SLEEP! My friend is able to enjoy her home. Im enjoying my time before I move in May. And I will be using these bags to move my clothing and other items in. Washing, vacuming, the earth powder, 2 sided tape and these very sturdy well made bed bags have us in the winners circle. These bags were our first and best defense.I will always store my beds in these bags. Definitely keeping one for travel. Thank you! Just stop looking at the others and buy this product, it's the best. 10 stars here!"

Very good product and service
"I bought 4 BIO BED BUG BAGS. I have bed bugs and I was not able to get rid of them. I tried several things and it didn't help at all. I put my mattresses in those bags and sealed them with 3M shipping tape. Also I put around bed's legs Alpine Dust Insecticide. There is big improvement. It is first time that I see positive outcome, For last 2 weeks we were not bitten by bed bugs. It is too soon to tell that problem is solved . I will know for sure after one month or 2. I have 3 small kids and I need to win with bed bugs. I like Zero Waste MovingĀ® because when asked they responded very quickly and in the perfect manner. Thanks Zero Waste MovingĀ®."

Great for mattress storage!
"Needed a queen mattress and box spring stored after a move. This mattress bag was perfect, well sized and durable! Excellent shipping too, fast!"

Great Products, Great Customer Service
"The bags held up great for the long trip from the east coast to the west. I recommend everyone use this company if you are looking for quality products."

Love this company and their products!
"I am so very impressed with this company. They were on time and went far and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I needed to make my move easier. I am recommending this company to everyone I know. You will not be disappointed if you purchase from Zero Waste Moving Supplies!"

Bed bug Nightmares are OVER!
"This is a fantastic worries are over thanks so much. I now sleep soundly without bed bug nightmares in my head. This is by far the best mattress cover we have ever used. We bought four more for our guest rooms and they are fantastic."

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