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Why Eco Mattress Bags!

Our Bio Bags are a "First for America" in many ways and provide and immediate and Eco-effective solution to a national pandemic that's up 54% this year alone: BED BUGS!


Here's a list of our Firsts:

  • We're using massive amounts of post consumer and industrial recycled plastic trash preventing this material from ever entering our landfills. The more we recycle, the less finite resources we can conserve and preserve.
  • Blending this recycled waste stream with an OXO Bio-Degradable Additive that allows clean and green degradation.
  • 2.2 Mil Non Vented, Professional Grade, Heavy Duty Plastic that's designed to keep the Bed Bugs from entering.
  • 14" Side Gussetts... This means that the sides are extra wide to make it so much easier to load your mattress.
  • Eco-Friendly graphics int he center designed to help align and adjust your cover for better taping and sealing.
  • More than 10 Alternative Uses after you're done with your move, giving you extra added value and reducing waste.
  • American Made and Green By Design being the first Eco-Friendly Mattress Bag in America!


We make our world famous Eco Mattress Bag in these sizes. All of our bags are "Pillow Top" and "Box Spring Compatible":

  • Cal King and King Size: This is 20% larger than all the others bags on the market and the biggest one we make
  • Queen Size: This is the most common size and can also be used for Full Size mattresses
  • Full Size: This can also be called a A Full Long which is usually a few extra inches and should be wrapped in a Queen
  • Twin Size: This is the most common size for smaller single bed units
  • Cribs and Day Beds: Ideal to use the Twin Size and fold over and tape on the back side of the mattress


What About Box Springs? Do I need an Eco Mattress Bag for these?

  • Yes, it's ideal to buy an Eco Mattress Bag for these box springs.
  • If you're going to do the job, best to do it right the first time one time so you can have peace of mind.


Why use recycled plastics to make our eco mattress bag? Watch this video: 

Eco Mattress Bags protect your mattress from Beg Bugs