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2 Queen or Full Mattress Bags. Ideal for Packing, Moving, Storage and Transportation. Protect your bed from small insects like bed bugs.

Zero Waste Moving

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1 in 5 homes have bed bugs and this national pandemic is growing each month across America.

Our Solution... "Don't Stress We've Got You Covered" with our Eco Mattress Bag!

Proudly made in America from Recycled Plastics and OXO-Bio Degradable Additives. It's the ideal Eco-Solution to pack and move your mattress safely without being infested by Bed Bugs, Mites and Small Insects.

With over 10 years designing and crafting eco friendly packing and moving alternatives, this is by far our best solution help you protect your mattress without trashing the planet. ( Ask, my mom.. she thinks it's great and says.. "what a great product.. and when you're done moving you can use it as a body bag.. that's the feisty Russian side of my mom and probably watching too many Breaking Bad Re-Runs...)

Seriously.. it's a simply ingenious Eco-friendly product to a serious problem in America!

Protect Your Investment with Our American Made, World Famous Eco-Friendly Mattress Bag!

Check out these videos below by National Geographic and of course Dr. Oz ( AKA cool hair guy).


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